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Let me start with a simple definition of a not-so-simple process: Ideation, as far as startups are concerned, is a synthetic process of identifying big problems that are ripe for disruption. Ideation is usually separate from the go-to-market strategy. We decided to integrate the two elements in our process since we wanted to make sure the direction we chose would be scalable when it comes to GTM.

Both my partner Eran and I are not new around the startup block. …

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What if you could freeze time just as a user is about to be acquired, and have all the time in the world to predict their behavior based on your historical data? Then you could decide which users to target, at what price, and what returns you could expect at any given time.

This imaginary future is somehow already happening, at least for the biggest online and mobile brands. It’s gaining traction and becoming the standard, by running user-level LTV based predictions and optimizing UA campaigns in accordance.

LTV based optimization is what makes acquiring VALUABLE users AT SCALE feasible. Developing it internally is sort of like rocket science (or is it quantum computing these days?), …


Ido Wiesenberg

Co-Founder & CEO at Voyantis — Super powers for growth and UA teams. Before Voyantis I co-founded Tvinci (acquired by Kaltura). Mentor @Techstars.

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